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One of the biggest mistakes when we buy gifts is thinking that giving more stuff makes people happier. Not at all, happiness doesn’t come from adding positives. It comes from removing negatives.

Problem Solving Presents 

When it comes to how to pick gifts, find a problem in your recipient’s life and solve it with your present. 

It could be an outsource chore. Give them a gift certificate for home-delivered meals or home laundry service.

Or fix an obvious annoyance. Pay for a handyman to go to their house and fix up the little things like squeaky doors or get their knives sharpened with iSottcom premium knife sharpener  


Help them to get rid of boredom. Plan a party or outing with the gift recipient and friends. You could make sushi together with sushi making kit and then make a degustation. Here is our sushi party making tool


Assuming responsibilities could be a great gift for many of us, like a certificate for a few days of pet sitting or babysitting. 

Anyway, give something useful. Studies show that people value a useful item more if they receive it as a gift than if they buy it for themselves because novelty wears off but sentimentality doesn’t.

Here are some good examples of useful presents from iSottcom                       


Put the “Present” in Presentation

Even if what you’re giving isn’t particularly thoughtful (at least in your mind), you can make it extra special with how you give it.  A nice packaging elicits emotion and forms memories that attach to the gift to give it extra value. 

This is the reason why iSottcom made premium packaging for the goods that could be a present for an event or just because out of a sudden. 


Always Buy the Best

If you decide to buy someone a physical item rather than an experience, make sure it’s best in class. For example, for a fitness enthusiast a perfect present would be electric protein mixer with capsule container, which combines many function and the person will be happy to use it at home and proud to show to other  in gym. 

If you can’t afford the best, pool together funds with other gift-givers, who’ll be grateful for the opportunity to pitch in and not have to think of a gift.

Or think smaller. Recipients will get more long-term value out of an exceptional small gift than an average big one. For those who cook will be a pleasure to get the best baking or barbecue mat, not an average one

           silicone making mat rolling mat   grill mat isottcom


For Extra Sentimentality

Keep in mind that sentimentality is extra important and impactful for gifts that celebrate a special life event like a wedding, graduation, or retirement (or pretirement?).

Studies find that physical items make better gifts than experiences for such occasions. For extra sentimentality you could buy a gift that could be personalized. That does NOT mean put your face or name anywhere near it. Put their initials on it. Maybe the date, too. 

What to do with parental “I Have Everything I Need” problem? 

Moms are especially famous for saying, “I have everything I need. Just having you with me for my birthday is enough.”  For our parents time with us is more valuable than material things.  

So it will be a good idea is to plan quality time together over a nice dinner or a small trip, or by buying tickets to visit if you live in different cities.

And don’t forget to capture the moment! For example, if you buy an experience like a cooking class or a weekend away, make a photo album of it with Artifact Uprising.

What is forbidden?

Nothing is forbidden. Just don’t give peole more problems with your present! Humans don’t like having to make decisions, so don’t pick a gift that forces them to do so.

Don’t buy Gift Cards. When you buy someone a gift card, you’re giving them a problem by passing the decision-making burden to them. Give then a cash instead. 

Don’t Gift experiences without a date attached. If you gift a massage or cooking lessons, schedule it, too. Even if the recipient’s forced to reschedule, they’re forced to do so. They don’t have to decide.

Don’t be too thoughtful. As gift-givers, we want to show off how well we know someone. But you know who knows the recipient even better than you? - The recipient! So when they tell you what they want, don’t try to outsmart them. Just give them what they want!

These should be enough to help you come up with a couple of great gift ideas.

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