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One of the biggest misconceptions in choosing a gift is the belief that the more expensive the gift, the more happiness it brings. However, it has been scientifically proven that inappropriate gifts not only worsen the financial situation of the donors, but also do not bring satisfaction to the recipients.

Therefore, the iSottcom team has compiled a short list of simple tips to help you choose an invaluable gift.

1.A good gift is one that saves time

Time is as valuable a resource as money or information. In the modern world, the problem of lack of time is one of the key problems of urban residents, which can lead to stress or burnout. Many do not even have time to eat breakfast! Therefore, help in solving this problem will be a great gift.

For example, an electric waffle maker for Viennese and Belgian waffles will become an indispensable tool in any kitchen. One homemade waffle takes less than 2 minutes to make, and the included recipe book saves time looking for cooking ideas and ways. Fast, simple and delicious!


2.A good gift is one that suits the interests

A banal truth that is often neglected. Does the person play sports and follow a healthy diet? Give him a stylish electric shaker that perfectly mixes protein in seconds or a kitchen scale that allows you to accurately calculate the grams of products.


Does the person like to cook? Surprise him with an unusual set for making sushi and rolls or a ham maker, with which you can make natural, healthy and tasty ham and sausage!


3.A good gift is one that is needed

There are people who can directly say: “I need this…”, making it easier for us to choose a good and necessary gift. But what if the person doesn't say so? It is important to listen to his daily phrases and desires! Perhaps a person wants to start saving, but every day on the way to work he buys a cup of coffee? In this case, a thermo mug or a premium milk frother will be an excellent gift, which will add more pleasure to the process of making coffee!

But what if a person began to complain of visual impairment? In this case, you can donate something that will make life easier for those with poor eyesight, for example, Illuminated Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders. Such a set will not only solve this problem, but will also become an excellent accessory in the kitchen.


Nothing is forbidden. Just do not give anyone unnecessary problems with your gift! People don't like making decisions, so don't choose a gift that will make them do so.

Don't buy gift cards. When you buy someone a gift card, you create a problem by shifting the burden of decision making to them.

Don't be too thoughtful. As givers, we want to show how well we know someone. But you know who knows the recipient of the gift better than us? - Recipient! So when he tells you what he wants, don't try to come up with something original, just give it to him!

This should be enough to help you come up with a couple of great gift ideas.


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