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iSottcom is an international company whose headquarters are located in Hamburg, Germany. The main activity of the company involves manufacture and sale of the household goods as well as household appliances of our own brand. We are represented in the markets of the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and other countries.

You can find us at online marketplaces and retail shops in the countries mentioned above.

Why are we different from other companies?

1. Constant expansion of the range. We carefully monitor the consumer demand on the leading online marketplaces allowing us to quickly launch new products that are relevant and top-selling.

2. Professional Team. Each employee is interested in the company’s successful development so they take their responsibilities seriously and do not hesitate to put forward their creative ideas.

3. Long-term cooperation. We do not seek short-term profit. We intend to have a long-term mutually beneficial partnership. Our aim is to create sustainable demand for our products through excellent quality of our goods and services.

Our fundamental requirement for our suppliers is high quality of goods. It is the main source of customers’ trust in the company and that, in its turn, is an essential criterion to success and high sales.

We will be glad to receive your offer of cooperation on



  1. 范围不断扩大。我们密切注意最大市场上的消费者需求,这使我们能够及时推出相关和销售的新奇产品。
  2. 专业团队。每个员工都对公司的成功感兴趣,所以认真对待自己的职责,不怕提供创意。
  3. 长期合作我们不是在寻求立竿见影的好处。我们的目标是长期互利合作。我们的目标是通过我们的产品和服务的质量产生可持续的需求。



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