Yana about iSottcom Waffle Maker
February 12, 2021, 06:37
Delivered quickly, the box is intact. Included warranty card and instructions combined with the recipes in one booklet. There is no strange smell. The waffle iron is of high quality: perfect Teflon coating. It says that the body is made of plastic, and I thought at first it was made of metal when I tapped my nails on it, then I tried to attach a magnet, no luck, still a real plastic, but of very high quality. There are 17 recipes in the book! For every taste. The indicator light turns on when the waffle iron is hot, the principle is the same as the iron, so it was not possible to orient it, it may depend on the recipe, but we quickly got accustomed to how much you need to hold out.
homemade waffles with isottcom waffle maker
Olga about iSottcom Ham Maker
February 25,  2021,  15:03  
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