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Amazon Customer: If I can make Sushi, you can too!
Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2018

Proud to say I am progressing on my project to learn to make sushi at home. So, many beautiful, easy to use cookbooks out there now. There’s no excuse not to take the plunge from merely buying cookbooks (not judging!) to actually using them! There are lots of gadgets out there to help in creating exquisite sushi! This is a very sweet, well-made little gizmo that shapes the sushi rice so you can dust them with poppy seeds, or lay a very nice nice piece of fresh salmon across the top. It is attractively made from natural wood. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Rice doesn’t stick. Thanks to Amazon for books like: The Japanese Kitchen, Momofuko and Washoku.

Jen H: Highly recommend.
Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2019

My son likes maki rolls so I thought this would be something fun we can experiment with in the kitchen. I was attracted to this one because it’s wooden and well constructed. Many maki makers are plastic. It was quite easy to use. Make sure you use the real sushi rice, not regular rice. We started out with cooked shrimp in some spicy mayo and scallions. I wasn’t confident enough to make rolls with raw fish until I had tried it successfully. We got the ingredients: shrimp, spicy mayo, cucumbers, avocado, nori, sushi rice (cooked, cooled and mixed with rice wine vinegar, a little oil, salt and sugar) and followed the instructions. They came out great and my 11 year old was able to make futomaki (nori on the outside) rolls with ease. The rice on the outside is a bit harder but only if you use too much rice. I highly recommend this roll maker!
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Yana about iSottcom Waffle Maker

Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2021

Delivered quickly, the box is intact. Included warranty card and instructions combined with the recipes in one booklet. There is no strange smell. The waffle iron is of high quality: perfect Teflon coating. It says that the body is made of plastic, and I thought at first it was made of metal when I tapped my nails on it, then I tried to attach a magnet, no luck, still a real plastic, but of very high quality. There are 17 recipes in the book! For every taste. The indicator light turns on when the waffle iron is hot, the principle is the same as the iron, so it was not possible to orient it, it may depend on the recipe, but we quickly got accustomed to how much you need to hold out.

homemade waffles with isottcom waffle maker

Olga about iSottcom Ham Maker

Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2021

Awesome thing! Purchase number 1 for followers of healthy lifestyle. Ham and sausages without harmful additives and impurities. Only meat (or fish) and spices. I make myself sausage from turkey breast and chicken according to the recipe I found by the QR code on the package. For an athlete - Fire! Very tasty and aromatic. I recommend pouring boiling water over the ham before removing the ham.


Reviewed in the United States on on May 23, 2021

Strong smooth metal. The thick walls help keep the thermos temperature stable. Fast filling of the container, clean cooking, easy cleaning. The thermometer is exactly in the center and with a long probe. Cooking without bags or foil. There are no awful side springs to rip the bags apart. There is no harmful plastic that breaks down into harmful compounds at t * and gives cracks on the body due to temperature differences in the cooking-cooling cycle.
No, no and NO!
The perfect thing! Leader in comparison with ancient spring or plastic ham makers. Easy to use, the diameter of the loaf at the exit is 9-10 cm just right, spacious 1.2-1.3 kg of meat. Plastic models are harmful, short-lived, because cracks along the hull, and cost 3000-4000 rubles. I had spring ones, while I was filling the bag inside, while leveling the minced meat coming out of the cracks and wiping up the meat pickle flowing from the holes made by sharp springs ... this miracle model already had time to heat up to 50-60 * C. Studied meat production. According to the technology, t * is measured in the center of the sausage, and not from the edges. I will take 2 more pieces to put them in a triangle in a wide saucepan and immediately make 3 loaves. Sausages in hot-cooking cabinets ripen at 68-72 * C for 2-3 hours. Boil higher - at 80-100 * C using Sodium Nitrite is absolutely impossible! Why: 1) You will have just boiled minced meat, not sausage; 2) The nitrite salt turns into a carcinogen; 3) There will be no elasticity on the fold of the product; 4) Fibers of meat (sausage emulsion) repel moisture and a broth outflow occurs. What causes dryness and brittleness of the semi-finished product. I made ham several times from minced meat and whole piece of meat exactly at the set t = 70 * C for 3 hours. I was surprised - everything was steamed and not a drop of raw. For those who did not know - Sodium nitrite must be added! It is he who gives the taste of sausage and ham, keeping the pink color. But before setting, marinate in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours. During this time, all bacteria are killed in the meat, the smell of putrefaction is eliminated, and Sodium Nitrite also serves as an anti-caking agent. Sprinkle starch, gelatin, eggs - DO NOT! You are not making cutlets and not brawn, but sausage-ham. Sodium nitrite will give the desired bundle. Moreover, salt with ordinary table salt (Sodium Chloride) is no longer necessary! One nitrite salt will be enough, at the rate of 25 grams. for 1 kg of meat. Nobody sells pure Nitrate! The packers have already done everything for you, measuring the required 6 grams. Nitrite at 994 gr. Chloride and called it - Nitrite salt.))

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